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The reason behind why you want more money...

I woke up this morning with these words running through my head...

"Time, time is the most valuable thing we have"

You see we all want more money, but what do we want that money for?

For most of my clients, it's for the freedom, the time, their family.

So how can we start to explore ways to have more time NOW, whilst the money comes in?

Why do we put our time on hold until we have said money?

Time IS money, time IS valuable.

I wonder if you created more quality time for your family, if you could create more quality time in your business?

I wonder if you created more time for fun and for freedom if you would create more quality time in your business?

When all we do is focus on business, we can become bitter and frustrated and angry that we are losing more time or feeling like we aren't getting anywhere, and it's not because of our business.

It's because we lost sight of what we were really after in the first place.

Writing things down and expanding on them is something that helps me get to the root of why I want something.

Let me show you an example:

Say I am working towards bringing in an extra $2000 for a family holiday.

What does that family holiday bring me?

-fun with my kids


-time off work

-space to just be

-smiles to my kids faces

-brings my family together

Then I can ask myself, how can I create that NOW?

-Schedule into my calendar an afternoon free

-Ask my children to pick an activity that they love (low or no cost) and do it.

This can literally create all the things I am looking for within my 'holiday' and by doing this I'm not only filling all of our cups but I'm also sending a message to the universe that this is what I want and this is important to me.

My energy shifts, I put more quality into my business simply because my cup is full and I know that I get to do it all again next week and every week until our family holiday ❤️

So today, I ask you, what do you want to create the money for?

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