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In 2022 I learnt a valuable lesson!

In 2022, I learnt a valuable lesson.

A lesson that I believe is so powerful in this lifetime.

A lesson that I believe changes the way we do life and business.

A lesson I know so many before me have learnt and that so many will continue to learn.

I repeated patterns and cycles and found myself taking one step forward only to take 2, 3 sometimes 10 steps backwards.

I thought there was something wrong with me and would constantly ask myself "why on earth can I just not get it, why am I still here, in this place, with these same thoughts?"

I'd hear the saying 'new level, new devil' or 'new level, same devil, just a whole lot deeper' the only thing is, it never felt like I was reaching a new level! It honestly felt like I was being handed the same devil over and over again.

It felt like life was happening to me, like I had jumped in the back seat and had completely lost all control and suffocating, yet I was still trying to control every single detail, step and outcome, only to feel defeated time and time again.

No matter how much I tried to reframe my thoughts, no matter how much I journalled, no matter how much I followed a set strategy or talked it through, after a few days or weeks, I'd find myself right back where I started.

You see, the thing I learnt is that no matter how much we try to change our lives or heal certain parts of us, if we are only focusing on creating change through our cognition (thoughts and language) we will continue to repeat the same cycles.

It takes connecting our mind and body together to make true transformation.

It takes embodiment and integration.

It takes being present in the NOW moment.

It takes courage.

It takes release.

And it takes surrender.

Something I am learning to do more and more every single day.

Connecting and sitting with my body in all its depths, Emotions, feelings and thoughts NOW.

Without over processing. Without controlling or trying to figure out certain outcomes.

Just truly being.

It's a process, but if there is one thing I know for certain, it's that you can not create change with just your brain.

I have tried. I have learnt and now I know, that the body holds the power.

2023, it's a year for connection, depth, embodiment and presence.

Are you ready?

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