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I'll go first... for us ❤️

I wanted to be a child psychologist or child social worker helping children who had suffered trauma and abuse, until I learnt that sometimes you still have to let the child go home with the person who may be the cause of their abuse or trauma. 🤯

I couldn't comprehend our system and why this was even possible.

So I never pursued this job title.

Now I choose to work with adults guiding them to be their best selves and live the life they truly desire.

This looks different for each of my clients.

For some, it's deep healing. It's healing from the abuse, it's healing that inner child and regulating their emotions.

For some it's helping push through limiting beliefs, empowering and inspiring them to keep going.

For some, it's helping them lean into their feminine, working with their energy and human design blueprint to become magnetic.

You see, not every client is the same and I love every single bit of what I do.

Not only am I so passionate about this and research/study my interests, I have the experiences and have gone before you.

I have been abused.

I have suffered different trauma.

I have self sabotaged, lacked belief in myself.

I have suppressed my feminine energy.

I have done the work and I will continue to work on my growth and knowledge, because when I go first, only then can I lead you.

I recall seeing my abuser and uncontrollably shaking, overcome with so much heat I was sweating, heart racing and unable to focus. Inside my body would scream RUN and on the outside it would look as though I just stood there shaking like a leaf. I couldn't even mention them or talk about it without crying and being overcome with all of these feelings.

Recently I was having a conversation with someone and mentioned my experience and they said 'how can you say that so calmly, how do you talk about it so easily?'

This is because I have done the work, I have released, I have forgiven and I have healed this part of my journey.

If you read this and feel called to journey together, then send me a message.

I have 2 spots left for 1:1 coaching.

All my love,

Jess x

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JustMel Jones
JustMel Jones
Sep 22, 2022

So inspiring ✨️

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