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A little bit of vulnerability 🙈


Have you dug deep to find out what really holds you back from creating the money you desire?!

When I was younger I perceived people with money as stuck up, snobby, rich bitches that didn't care about people who make less than them...

Wow! If that doesn't scream money mindset issues, I'm not sure what does!

I'd see people buying luxurious things and be like "F*ck, wouldn't that be nice?"

Yet I'd also hold that belief that having money would make me stuck up and snobby 🤯

So why the hell would I allow myself to hold money if I was afraid of being stuck up and snobby 🙈

Anyway, when I looked at the times I had held money in the past at no time had I become any of these things.

I was still the same person with a different $$ figure in the bank account.

When I had no money, I was still kind, caring, nurturing and happy to help anyone.

When I had/have money, I am still these things and the only difference it makes is in the way I can help others.

I am able to help people out financially, I'm able to offer more FREE value to my community, I'm able to do more with my family, I'm still giving and love to surprise my friends and family with little things that light up their day.

You see, money doesn't change who you are. It simply enhances who you already are.

So I wonder, have you got a belief around money that needs to change?

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