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Mindfulness Practices and Accountability 🧘‍♀️

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JustMel Jones

Hello Beautiful Women ❤️

I would love to create some meditations and EFT practices for inside this group thread and am wondering what areas you would love to focus on?

For example:


Small challenge for anyone willing to partake 🙌

Over the next few days, I'm challenging you to become aware of when you pass judgement, whether it be upon yourself or upon another, i'd love for you to bring it to your awareness and when you do, I'd love for you to challenge yourself to think of the positive intention behind this judgement.

For example:


Happy Sunday my loves ❤️

Share below what are three things you are grateful for this week and why?

The reason behind the why is that when we actually list why, it triggers an emotional response which sends a message to your subconscious mind saying that you want more of this feeling. 💫

Andrea Valenzuela

Happy Friday beautiful women 🥰

How has your week been? For me this week has been so amazing, real and raw.

The week started off fun paced let me share with you below:

JustMel Jones
Andrea Valenzuela


Welcome to the Mindfulness Group Thread! In here you will h...
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