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Coaching With Jess- Community Group Chat

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Happy Saturday My Loves ❤️

How has this week been for you?

What are you working towards?

This week has been an amazing week for me in the sense of slowing down and finding more clarity.

You may or may not have seen that I closed down quite a few of my offers for the month of November whilst my business goes through some changes and this week has brought so much to my attention and helped me get specific in how I move forward in my business 🍾

I am removing Human Design pdfs, from my business and will be focusing on 1:1 readings/coaching, Group Coaching, Online Programs, Public Speaking and in person events! I will remain life and business based and adding a LOT more business offers to my business which I am so excited about. :)

So, I'd love for you to share below, how your week has been and what are you working towards?

So much love,

Jess xx


Andrea Valenzuela
Brooke Fluerty
Megan Farthing
Nov 24, 2022

Been super busy in my business as well as at home



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