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Coaching With Jess- Community Group Chat

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Hello ❤️

It's been a while since I popped into this chat thread, how are you?

What's been happening in your world?

Good Afternoon Beautiful Women! How has the start of your year been?

What are you working towards and do you have any intentions set for the next few months?

Looking forward to hearing from you x

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Family!! How was your Christmas? As we close in on the end of 2022, I'd love for you to reflect on the year that was. I have added some journal prompts for you to utilise.

-What have you learnt and what gave you strength.

-How much did you prioritise your happiness and joy.

-What were your highest values during 2022?

-What are you using as guidance for 2023?


Happy Tuesday my loves!!

How has your week been?

What do you have planned for Christmas?

For me, it's a nice quiet but fun one.


This group is for us all to connect with each other. This i...
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